I am not ready to leave my child, how can I deal with daycare?


I am not ready to leave my child, how can I deal with daycare?The first few days or even weeks of daycare are the hardest for both the child and the parent. As a parent it is very likely that you will feel a new sort of sadness as you drop your child off for daycare for the first time. You may not feel ready to be separated from them, but it is important that you let them do this. Daycare is a great way for children to learn social skills and develop themselves as humans. If you are experiencing difficulty with the idea of leaving your child at daycare, try out these tips.

Keep in contact with the daycare facility

More than likely your daycare provider will be more than happy to give you call, text or email updates about your child throughout the day. The care professional will understand exactly what you're going through. They know how hard can be for a parent to leave a child for the first time, and even in the days and months that follow.

Bring a photo to work

It is a great idea to bring a photo or multiple photos of your child with you to work or wherever you need to spend your day. Having an image of your child around may not be the same as your actual son or daughter, but it will always bring a smile to your face when you see it!

Talk with friends and family who have dealt with it before

Talk with your friends and family members about how you feel. If they have gone through this before they'll be able to provide you with expert advice on the matter. Most of all, they will remind you that it is normal to feel this way and everything will be alright.

Don't be surprised if your child is fussy when you pick them up

When you pick your child up from daycare there is a good chance that they will act a bit fussy, but don't blame yourself. It most likely means they miss you and just can't wait to get your hugs, kisses and attention.

When you choose Country Day Care or Magnolia Ridge Child Development Center for daycare in Richmond or Glen Allen you can rest easy knowing that your child is in the hands of professionals. We will be more than happy to talk with you about how we can make this transition easy for you and your child. Give us a call at the location nearest you to learn more about our Glen Allen and Richmond daycare centers.

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