Customer Reviews of Magnolia Ridge Child Development Center in Glen Allen


Customer Reviews of Magnolia Ridge Child Development Center in Glen AllenAt Magnolia Ridge Child Development Center we love being able to help local families in Glen Allen and the surrounding communities with their child care needs. We're proud to have become a trusted source for daycare, child development and education preparation. Our team of highly trained and certified professionals know what it takes to ensure children are safe, happy and healthy. If you're searching for a new daycare in Glen Allen we hope you'll take a minute to listen to what some of our current and past clients have to say about their experience with us!

I have NOTHING but great things to say about this daycare. My son has grown leaps and bounds since becoming enrolled there a few months ago! The staff truly cares for its kids and will go above and beyond to make sure each child and family feels loved, cared for, and supported! I couldn't ask that my little one be in better hands! - Teresa M.

Nothing but GREAT things to say about Magnolia Ridge!!! Reasonably priced! Very clean facility! Great staff! No worries when I drop my daughter off. - Sherri J.

I'm a stay at home mom, however I wanted my daughter to have interaction with other children, so I sent her to Magnolia Ridge. My daughter has been going part time since 10/11 and I have had a great experience so far...They were recommended to me and I would recommend them to others :) - Happy Parent

I would recommend Magnolia Ridge to anyone who asked for a good, reasonably priced daycare. The preschool program have both of my children prepared for kindergarten. - Happy Parent

I love Magnolia Ridge from the moment I enrolled my youngest son in their care they have treated him and myself like family. They have gone above and beyond. When my son first started he wasn't talking very much, but by two weeks in we couldn't get him to stop talking. He just turned 4 so he is on the younger side of his preschool class and in a weeks time of turning 4 he was spelling his name including spelling it backwards, he's adding and counting and trying to sound out words to read. They really do teach your children here. - Happy Parent

If you would like to learn more about our Glen Allen child care center call the friendly team at Magnolia Ridge at (804) 515-1933. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about our services, our staff or anything else you may be curious about. Thank you for considering Magnolia Ridge, we hope to hear from you soon!

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