Daycare Packing List for Toddlers


Daycare Packing List for ToddlersAs you prepare for toddler daycare you are likely wondering what your child needs to bring with them to the facility. While a reputable daycare center will provide most necessities, there are some personal items that ought to be provided by you, the parent. If you have any questions about what you need to send with your child be sure to contact your daycare center for their requirements. The following is a short list of what will likely be recommended.

Diapers & Underwear

If your child is still in diapers it will likely be required that you send a case of diapers to the daycare at a time. Remember, it is likely they will need up to eight diapers a day, so be sure to plan around that number. It is also necessary to include your preferred diaper creams or ointments. Additionally, you will want to include extra underwear for accidents.

Napping Necessities

If your child uses anything special for naps, it'd be wise to send it with them to daycare. Don't forget about pacifiers, sheets and blankets. The sheets are necessary, as naps often take place on a mat, and the sheets help make clean up easy.


In your daycare bag you will want to have two or three extra outfits in case they become dirty or have an accident. You should also consider bibs and outerwear, such as coats, for when the days get chilly.


If your child takes any specific medication be sure to include it in their daycare bag. You will also want to ensure that the daycare has MAT Certified caretakers. This means they are trained on handling and distributing medications for children.

At Country Day Care and Magnolia Ridge Child Development Centers we try and make sure your experience is simple. If you'd like to learn about our recommendations for a child's daycare bag don't hesitate to call our Richmond daycare center or Glen Allen daycare center. We're happy to talk about you and your child's needs and accommodate accordingly. Give us a call at the location nearest you to learn more about our team and our daycare centers in Richmond and Glen Allen.

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