Searching for Child Care in Glen Allen?


Searching for Child Care in Glen Allen?For the working family, and sometimes even for the stay at home mom or dad, child care is a necessity, but the thought of leaving the kids in the care of a stranger may be difficult to handle. As long as your find a professional day care facility that meets the following criteria will help wash away any fears that you may have.

CPR Certified Staff

One of the most important things that a daycare professional can possess is a CPR certification. Always ask to see this, as it could be what saves your child's life if they begin to choke.

First Aid/MAT Certified

Scrapes, cuts and sprains need immediate and special attention. Your daycare provider should be able to handle these and other issues correctly and without hesitation. They should also have Medication Administration Training, meaning they can properly administer over the counter and prescription medications.

All Day Care

Work days can be long, but maybe you only need morning care. Whatever your schedule, or if your schedule changes, it is important that your daycare facility is able to handle the care, no matter the hours.

Educational & Social Development Activities

Your children should always have the opportunity to be learning. Activities provided by the daycare should be fun, but also educational, and also encourage children to interact so that they can develop their social skills.

School Transportation

Getting your child to and from school can be difficult, especially when you need to be at work when their school starts. A professional child care facility will be able to take your kids to and from area schools.

If you're searching for high quality child care in Glen Allen that meets all of the above requirements, and many others, you will want to talk to the team at Magnolia Ridge Child Care. We look forward to assisting with your childcare needs. To learn more about our Glen Allen daycare center give us a call at (804) 515-1933 today.

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