Top Services of a Richmond Daycare


Top Services of a Richmond DaycareWhen searching for a daycare for your son or daughter it is important that you seek out a business that offers multiple perks for both you and your child. A child care facility shouldn't simply be a location to drop your kid off while you are at work, but a place that your child truly enjoys visiting and a place that can assist you in many ways. Here are five things to look for in an area daycare.

Supervised Child Care

It's obvious that you want a daycare center that is going to provide supervised care for your son or daughter. You should also find out about CPR and other medical training that the staff has to ensure that your child is going to be well taken care of.


If your child is between the ages of three and five it is smart to utilize a daycare facility that also provides preschool. These are incredibly formative years for a young person, so making the most out of their day by exposing them to thoughtful and useful curriculum helps give them a jumpstart in math, science and reading.

Transportation To & From School

It is critical that the daycare center is able to take your child to their local school or pick them up after the bell rings if you are unable to. Contact area daycare centers to find out if they service your child's school.

Learning Activities

Do you want your child's time to be spent in a productive manner? Find a child care center that offers educational activities, such as dance, art classes, science experiments, language lessons and more. You'll be amazed at what your son or daughter can teach you after spending time at the right daycare facility.

Social Development

A caring daycare center will offer children a place to socialize with their peers. It's here that they can learn the value of sharing, talking and cooperative play.

If you are looking for a daycare in Richmond or Glen Allen that goes above and beyond reach out to Country Day Care or Magnolia Ridge Child Development Center in Richmond and Glen Allen, respectively. Our team loves working with children and their parents to make sure everyone has a great child care experience. Give us a call Country Day Care at (804) 282-8502 or to enroll your child in preschool in Glen Allen call (804) 515-1933 to talk with our staff at Magnolia Ridge. Give us a call to learn more about our daycare centers in Glen Allen or Richmond.

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