Great Tips for Daycare Pick Up


Great Tips for Daycare Pick UpWhile many parents and their kids have routines for dropping off at daycare, steps are often not taken to help ensure a smooth pickup. By taking precautions to ensure that the pickup is as easy as the dropoff you can help ensure that your evening at home will be nice and pleasant. After a long day at work be sure to utilize these tips to prevent any battles with your child who may not be ready to leave.

Connect with the Staff

After arriving at the daycare facility it is always a great idea to connect with the staff to find out how your child's day was. This is a great way to learn more about your child's development of social skills while allowing them to settle down and prepare to live.

Collect the Stuff Before the Child

Another way to ensure a smooth exit is to get your child's things together before telling your babe that it's time to go. Once you've got it all it's time to tell them you're leaving.

Make Plans for Home

To excite your child about going home when they may in fact prefer to stay and play with friends you can give them a heads up about what's happening at home. Maybe an exciting dish for dinner, a board game or reading a story. What makes your child's eyes go wide?

Let Your Child Say Bye

If your son or daughter has friends at their daycare be sure to let them say goodbye before taking them home. This helps them grow their social skills and allows them feel at peace with leaving.

Don't Rush

The end all be all is to not rush your son or daughter out of daycare. Doing so can upset your child, resulting in an unpleasant evening at home.

If you'd like more daycare pick up tips don't hesitate to talk to the staff at your child's daycare. If you're searching for a high quality daycare in Richmond or Glen Allen be sure to contact to Country Day Care or Magnolia Ridge Child Development Centers. Our staff would be happy to walk you through our facilities to show you how we can help your child grow! Give us a call at our Richmond daycare or our Glen Allen daycare to learn more about our team!

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