How to Find Child Care in Richmond


How to Find Child Care in RichmondLeaving your child in the hands of a daycare facility may seem scary, but as long as you find a safe and reputable child care team, you should have no worries. You of course want your children to have a quality experience while there, but certain safety precautions should also be taken. When searching for a daycare center the following are a few of the most important qualities that a business should possess.

CPR/First Aid Certified Staff

To keep your son or daughter safe while you are away for the day you should only leave them in the hands of adults who have received professional first aid and CPR training. This will ensure that your child receives appropriate care should they experience some sort of health crisis at daycare.

MAT Training

Medication Administration Training should be a priority for you and your child, particularly if they are on prescription medications. This training ensures that the staff member knows how to prepare, dispense and store medications that are both prescription and sold as an over the counter drug.

Local School Transportation

It is important that your child is able to to get safely to and from school, especially when you start your day before the school day begins. A transportation service should be provided by the daycare facility for to and from school.

All Day Hours

You work long days, your child's daycare should too. Your workday may end at 5 pm, but then you have to deal with traffic, or perhaps need to run a few more errands. A daycare that runs a little later than the average work day, and starts before them, is key to an easy drop off and pick up.

Country Day Care is a child care center in Richmond that provides expert care for children aged 6 weeks to 12 years. We offer all of the above qualities and so much more, including homework assistance, social development skills and more. We also have a Glen Allen child care facility! To learn more or to sign up for daycare in Richmond call Country Day Care at (804) 282-8502 or for Glen Allen child care call (804) 515-1933.

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