The Top Benefits of Preschool Enrollment for Your Child


Top Benefits of Preschool Enrollment for Your ChildIf you are on the fence about enrolling your child in a preschool program it is important to understand the advantages of doing so. Not only is preschool a great alternative to general babysitting, it allows you, the parent, to spend your days working or running other necessary errands. Preschool is an educational experience, opposed to babysitting or other general daycares in which a child may simply be watched, fed and napped. Here are 5 reasons to enroll your 3 to 5 year old in preschool!

Promotes Social Development

Being surrounding by children their own age is itself a great learning experience for a young child. The preschool environment encourages interaction between students and teaches them proper methods of interaction. It isn't just about each other though, kids learn to communicate with adults other than their parents as well.

Introduces Children to Structured Learning

Preschool is a structured learning environment bonded by numerous activities that cater to the different interests of children. Children learn how to follow rules and resolve conflicts amongst themselves.

Promotes Choice Making

Preschool allow children to learn how to make choices. During the day children will be allowed to select different activities or join other groups of children for fun and games. If a teacher notices a child having difficulty making a choice they will offer suggestions to the child to help them.

Builds Language & Cognitive Skills

Ages 3 to 5 are critical when it comes to learning. Through reading, acting, singing and general conversation at preschool a child will build their vocabulary. Children will also be introduced to numerous hands on activities, encouraging them to ask questions, solve problems and make observations.

Prepares a Child for Kindergarten

Preschool ultimately prepares children for Kindergarten and beyond by teaching them how to be away from their parents for extended amounts of time. During their time in preschool they will build the skills necessary to be successful throughout their life.

Preschool is a critical step for all children! Country Day Care and Magnolia Ridge Child Care Center offer excellent Richmond preschool programs for children aged 3 to 5. To learn more about preschool in Richmond call Country Day Care at (804) 282-8502 or to enroll your child in preschool in Glen Allen call (804) 515-1933 to talk with our staff at Magnolia Ridge.

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