How to Prepare your Child for Daycare


How to Prepare your Child for DaycareJust as it can be difficult for parents to leave their kids at daycare, it can be even more scary for the children. Your son or daughter may not understand why you're leaving them in the beginning, so it is best to take a few steps to ensure a positive transition into child care, no matter the age. Here are a few tips from experienced parents and daycare professionals about how to prep your kid for daycare.

A slow start

At the very beginning it is best to ease your way into the daycare situation. If possible try to start with a short amount of time, shorter than necessary, and only a couple days a week. Work up to the necessary schedule you need. This allows your child to get used to being away from their parents for an extended amount of time.

Provide a comfort item

If allowed by the daycare you should let your child bring a toy, book, blanket or some other comfort item that reminds them of home. This is a great way to allow children to be with their family while at daycare.

Be positive

If is important that you inform your children that daycare is a great place to be and they will have a wonderful time. Your positivity will be reflected in how well your children transition into child care.

Don't stick around

It is best to conduct a quick, simply goodbye at drop off time. Lingering can cause your child to develop anxiety as you leave. Even if the child is crying you need to leave quickly, which may sound cold, but it is best for the child in the long term.

Don't let crying change your mind

There is a good chance that your child will cry, cry, cry when you drop them off, especially at the beginning. While there is a good chance your child is genuinely sad, many daycare professionals admit the crying stops almost as soon as the parent is gone and the child begins to interact with peers.

It can be difficult to leave your child at daycare, but by taking the right steps and instilling a positive attitude, your wee one is sure to do great. If you're searching for daycare in Richmond or Glen Allen be sure to contact Country Day Care or Magnolia Ridge Child Development Centers. Our certified staff is ready to help your child grow, one day at a time. Give us a call at the location nearest you to learn about our Richmond and Glen Allen child care facilities!

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