4 Tips to Prepare Your Toddler for Preschool


4 Tips to Prepare Your Toddler for PreschoolIf you are on the verge of signing your child up for preschool it is imperative that you begin to prepare them for this transition. Obviously it won't be simple for your or the child, especially if they have not been in regular daycare in the past. Preschool is a wonderful way to get your child ready for kindergarten and beyond, as it will assist in their learning of integral people and motor skills. To ensure your child is ready for their first day of school here are four tips to get them prepared.

Get used to structure

Preschool is going to be ran on a schedule, and it is important that your child is ready to abide by time frames. One way to get your child ready is to ensure that they have a scheduled bed time and a bedtime routine. This will help them understand that certain things happen at certain times. You can also set up other time oriented tasks throughout your day together, such as dinner time or play time.

Be proactive in their learning

To help your child grow mentally it is vital that you participate in their learning. A great way to help their language skills is to share story time. Reading to your child daily will help them grow their vocabulary, as well as peek their interest in learning in general. Playing games that revolve around math, language or other skills are also great ways to help them grow.

Teach them good manners

In a preschool environment they will be surrounded by peers and their teachers. Be sure to start early when teaching manners. This includes covering their mouth and nose when they sneeze, washing their hands after using the bathroom and before eating, as well as cleaning up after themselves when they are done with a meal or playing with toys.

Visit the preschool with them

You will want to bring your child to the preschool at least once before they actually start their sessions. This way you can share time their, and they can learn that it is a safe place to be and you can help them familiarize themselves with the people and setting.

Preschool is a great tool for toddlers as you prepare them for kindergarten and beyond. If you are looking for an excellent preschool in Richmond or Glen Allen be sure to contact Country Day Care or Magnolia Ridge Child Development Center. Our two locations both offer excellent preschool services. Give us a call at the location nearest you for quality preschool in Richmond or preschool in Glen Allen.

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