What Child Care Services in Richmond does Country Day Care Offer?


What Child Care Services in Richmond does Country Day Care Offer?Simply looking into childcare likely feels like a huge milestone for you and your child, especially if it for your first born. While parents can have major anxiety about being separated from their children throughout the day it is important to understand that professional child care is a way of ensuring that your son or daughter is well cared for and gets the attention and supervision they need while you can return to your daily duties. If you're seeking childcare in Richmond, VA be sure to check out Country Day Care, as they offer some of the most inclusive day care services in the area.

Infant and toddler child care

The loving staff at Country Day Care in Richmond and Magnolia Ridge in Glen Allen will keep you infant or toddler safe and happy while you're at work or running other errands.

Preschool Program

In order to prepare your youngster for the day to day school life that starts in kindergarten we recommend a preschool program to start their routine early.

Children up to 12 years old

We offer care for children as young as six weeks on up to twelve years. Our facilities host a wide range of activities for kids of all skill and learning levels within this range.

Half Day/Full Day Care

Whether you need all day, half day or just some days, we would be happy to work with you to develop a child care schedule that suits your needs.

Social Development Programs

We assist children with their social development by encouraging interaction with peers through learning and play.

School Transportation

Country Day Care offers drop off and pick up services at local elementary school.

Certified Staff

Staff at each of our facilities is MAT Certified, first aid certified and CPR certified, as it is our priority to keep you child 100 percent safe.

When it is time for daycare in Richmond be sure to call the friendly staff at Country Day Care and Magnolia Ridge Child Development Centers. We're your source for expert child care in Virginia!

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