Is Day Care Beneficial for Young Children?


Is Day Care Beneficial for Young Children?As working parents you are likely struggling with the fact that you can't spend all your time with your children. You'd like to have friends or family watch your kids, but sometimes that can be an even bigger burden, particularly on your loved ones who just can't say no. Is it time to consider day care for your young ones? Most likely, but don't worry, day care can be extremely beneficial to your child's development!

Improved Social Skills

In a childcare setting your children will have the opportunity to interact with other kids their age, giving them a chance to learn about making friends and being social. They will learn to play, share, communicate and be an all around good person, readying them for the days, months and years ahead of them.

Scheduling Structure

Most day care facilities utilize some form of structured schedule to organize the day's activities. Studies have shown that kids enjoy this sort of schedule as it is easy for kids to fall into a routine, making them more comfortable throughout the day. This is also a great learning experience as scheduled days tend to rule life.

Academic Improvement

While at daycare your children will be exposed to learning processes and will likely develop basic math and language skills earlier than children who receive at home care without other children around. If your child is already in school they will be able to receive help with any homework at daycare.

Less Chance of Developing Depression

Some studies have shown that because of the social nature of daycare children are less likely to develop emotional stress disorders, including depression.

It's Fun!

Day care is fun, and good for your child! Not to mention, when you find a really good day care center, you can rest assured that they are in good hands. Opening a licensed day care center takes a lot of work!

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