Is Daycare Good for Young Children


Is Daycare Good for Young ChildrenLeaving a child in the hands of a daycare professional can be scary for any parent. But it is important to understand that your children being left with a group of their peers and supervised by experts in child care. So while it may be frightening to be away from your children during the day, just remember that they are in a great environment that encourages growth and learning in many ways.

Helps build their social skills

You child will be exposed to many other children that are there age or close to it. This gives them the opportunity to interact, play and talk with them (depending on their age), allowing them to build their social skills.

Improved immunity

The exposure to other kids will also help them grow their immunity to illnesses, which will help them fight off colds in the future.

Early learning

At daycare and preschool facilities children will have the chance to participate in learning activities that will enhance their intellectual abilities. They will have a head start in maths, reading and language when the begin elementary school.

Better manners

A huge proven benefit of daycare is better behavior in children. This is because kids learn how to share and solve problems among themselves, with proper adult supervision, of course. Kids will learn to use their nice words to resolve issues, not violence.

Less parental stress

While at first it may be difficult to say goodbye, once you fall into a routine, you will find yourself much less stressed out as a parent. As they say, it takes a village to raise a child, and the daycare facility is a part of that village!

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