Supervised Child Care, Preschool and Educational Activities Services

Child Care, Preschool and Educational Activities ServicesAt Country Day Care and Magnolia Child Development Center we offer numerous services to ensure that your child or children are properly cared for during the day. With early hours and a late pick up time we make child care in Richmond and the surrounding areas extremely convenient. Our highly trained and certified staff members, along with directors who are always on site, make sure any questions you have are immediately answered. The following are some of our most popular Richmond child care services.

Supervised Child Care

Whether you need morning care, after school child care or all day services, our talented team of educational child care professionals will assist your children with activities including homework assistance, language, cognitive and motor skill development as well as allow them time to socialize with their peers.

Preschool in Richmond

Preschool in RichmondFor children aged 3 to 5 we offer a highly regarded preschool program that will prepare your child for their next important steps in the learning process. Our curriculum offers early education in reading, math and science.


If you need after school care for your children we offer transportation services from area schools to our centers. Give us a call to see if we service your son or daughter's school.

Educational Activities

One of the most integral features of our facilities is that we strive to continually educate each child that comes through our doors. With programs such as dance, art classes, music, Spanish, and science classes your child will always be building their knowledge of the world they live in while expressing themselves on an individual level.

Fun & Games!

We also encourage your children to develop new friendships and be a part of our center family. At our child care facilities, we believe that interaction with peers is crucial at all ages. We help children learn to communicate, play and share with appropriate manners.

Country Day Care and Magnolia Ridge Child Care Center are all inclusive facilities open to children aged 6 weeks to 12 years. To enroll your child in at our Richmond daycare center call Country Day Care at (804) 282-8502 or for Glen Allen child care call (804) 515-1933 to talk with our team at Magnolia Ridge.


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